Weekly gatherings

our gatherings look a little different this year...

We're excited about it!

We LOVE to gather at Campus Ministry. Scripture is clear that community is so important in our faith journeys! Traditionally, we gather hundreds of students together in Allendale and Downtown for The Well, our weekly services on Sunday nights. Although we are not going to be gathering in the same way this year, we are excited to introduce...

so, what exactly are cm neighborhoods? how can i Still watch the Well?

CM Neighborhoods are smaller communities around campus that help students connect with other students who love Jesus & are involved in Campus Ministry! Each neighborhood will have a "home base," and although there will be no official meeting time for these neighborhoods as a whole, these will be the people you join weekly Watch Parties with, go to events with, share meals with, and become friends with!

Here are the CM Neighborhoods, and where their "home base" will be:
  • North Campus
    • North Campus 1 - Kleiner Commons
    • North Campus 2 - Fuel
  • South Campus - TBD
  • Off-Campus Apartments - TBD
  • Campus View
    • Campus View 1 - TBD
    • Campus View 2 - TBD
  • Downtown
    • Downtown 1 - TBD
    • Downtown 2 - TBD
The best way to get connected to a CM Neighborhood is through a Watch Party! Here's the form to sign up. You can fill it out right here!
We'll look forward to getting to know you!